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Being Present in the Community

Helping People Understand Healthcare

It's important to be actively present in the community. Our agency thrives in part because of our availability to visit with people in the communities we serve. We realize healthcare can be confusing. We are able to simplify healthcare into small understandable conversations. By doing this we provide a valuable objective resource. We often have kiosks set up at retail stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and flea markets so people can have easy access to us.

Giving Back the Ultimate Reward

Perhaps the most rewarding feeling comes from giving back to the communities we serve by volunteering. We volunteer in many different ways from local soup kitchens to senior centers, to cultural treasures like the longest running youth circus in the USA.

What Does it Mean to Us?

EVERYTHING! We are passionate about helping others. It's very satisfying to be able to positively impact people throughout our community. We love helping our clients, but it's just as rewarding to help a complete stranger or one of today's youth during their formative years.

Want to Learn More about the Youth Circus we Volunteer for?

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